Are the Dolan Twins transforming from YouTube stars to famous musicians? Well, not quite. However, Ethan Dolan did perform an original song in their latest YouTube video. The catch? He wrote it when he was in second grade. True story.

ICYMI, the boys filmed their most recent vid with their mom, who came prepared with lyrics to a song that Ethan wrote as a kid. NGL, the words are pretty deep, and if you’re wondering how we know that, it’s because Grayson made him perform it in the car on the way to their Louis Vuitton shopping spree. GOALS.

“My mom brought a picture that she took of the paper… it says right at the bottom, ‘Ethan’s second grade song.'” Grayson said.

Clearly mortified, Ethan then went on to explain that he’s seen the song and that he’s absolutely terrified to share it with the world. Can we really blame him? Sharing your innermost second grade thoughts with the world could be extremely daunting.

“Guys, I haven’t heard this in so long. I’ve seen the paper and I literally just — I have to close my eyes.”

Based on how embarrassed he was, we instantly knew it was going to be good — and by good, we mean absolutely hilarious. To start us off, Grayson read the lyrics out loud, and boy, were they somethin’ else.

“I don’t need your cryin’, I don’t need your lyin’. Just one thing in life you have to learn. Just one thing. Hit me with your one thing. Oh, oh, oh.” Sounds like a smash to us!

Unfortunately, those ~beautiful~ lyrics were then ruined when the boys tried to sing it to a tune, and although it’s clear we won’t be hearing it on the radio anytime soon, we certainly did enjoy the laughs. Plus, we totally appreciate Ethan sharing this poetic side of himself. We mean, who knew he was such a deep thinker at just 8 years old? We sure didn’t!

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