When the Dolan Twins announced that their dad, Sean, had passed away after battling cancer in January 2019, fans were devastated for them. Now, Ethan and Grayson Dolan are ready to talk publicly about how difficult his death truly was for them. On Monday, February 17, the YouTube famous twins released a documentary titled Losing a Best Friend about their late father and what they went through after losing him.

Fans of Ethan and Grayson not only learned a lot about the boys, but about their dad, while watching the documentary. While on a trip to their hometown in New Jersey, they brothers met up with their father’s friends and colleagues to talk about the positive impact Sean had on their lives. They also spoke with family members and many emotional memories were shared.

Ethan and Grayson also shared a heartfelt letter with fans about their decision to make the documentary.

“We believe that our father was very in touch with his soul’s purpose while he was here, which was to help people. Just by watching this documentary, you have done something for us that we are so thankful for. You have allowed our father to continue to give back and make a positive impact as he did when he was here,” they wrote in the documentary’s description. “A special message to anyone who is going through what we are — you are not alone. We understand how difficult this is. Sending love.”

Scroll through our gallery and see everything we learned from the Dolan Twins’ documentary Losing a Best Friend.

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