Get ready, Dolan Twins fans, because the YouTubers just dropped three brand new fragrances, and J-14 has all the exciting details straight from the guys themselves.

For those who missed it, Ethan and Grayson Dolan teamed up with beauty brand Wakeheart back in July 2019, and they each released their own signature scent. But fans were in for a total treat on Friday, January 31, when the social media stars dropped a new collection called Enterlight. It contains three new scents — Lucid Locations, Conscience Conversations and Sunlit Sensations — and want to know the best part? They’re unisex, and fans can get their hands on them for only $49 each!

But wait, what exactly do each of the new scents smell like? Did the guys choose the ingredients themselves? What was the process like? Well, the influencers just opened up all about their new perfumes exclusively to J-14, and they spilled the tea on what inspired them, how they decided on the ingredients and what exactly went into to making them.

J-14: Tell us about your newest scents! Can you describe what each of them smell like in your own words?

The Dolan Twins: Sunlit Sensations is warm and sweet, but not too sweet. Conscience Conversations is clean and refreshing. Lucid Locations is smooth and sexy.

J-14: Did you guys personally choose the ingredients for each scent? Why did you choose each of the ingredients?

The Dolan Twins: Each fragrance in the collection is made up of scents we personally love. These scents were not only discovered through our exploration in fragrance, but these were scents that appeal to us in our everyday lives.

J-14: Did you guys have any disagreements over the scent or ingredients? If so, how did you work it out?

The Dolan Twins: I wouldn’t say we had many disagreements. When it comes to scent, we each have our own preference in particular notes. Because we feel so strongly about what we love in a scent, we believe the best possible fragrances were created because we put our individual touches into each fragrance.

J-14: How involved were you in the process of actually making the perfume?

The Dolan Twins: We were both hands-on from the beginning in creating the entire collection. The bottles, names, colors, designs and scents were all original ideas of ours. They stem from personal values, beliefs, and passions of ours. The meaning of this collection is very personal, and for us, it is the most important aspect.

Dolan Twins Perfumes Exclusive

J-14: What was that like? Was it difficult?

The Dolan Twins: The creation of this collection was very complex. So much time, thought, and effort went into this. However, we would say the process was far from ‘difficult.’ It was both a pleasure and privilege to make something we are so proud of. We really only find things difficult when we aren’t passionate about them. This experience was far from that. Our passion for this collection overrode any difficulties we faced during the process of bringing it to life.

J-14: Is there a specific message you hope to deliver with the fragrance?

The Dolan Twins: It’s Wakeheart’s goal in launching Enterlight to encourage its community to be present, cherish every moment, and make new memories.

J-14: How do the three new scents differ from your first scents released last year?

The Dolan Twins: These are personal to not only us, but Wakeheart. Each scent in this collection is unique. We wanted to step outside of the box with these fragrance. We believe we have landed on something spectacular.

J-14: Do you guys wear the fragrances? Which is your favorite?

The Dolan Twins: We do wear the fragrances. We haven’t been able to pick a favorite because each one means something so special to us.

J-14: What made you decide to make fragrances in the first place?

The Dolan Twins: We have always loved the confident feeling that fragrance gives us and we wanted to share that with the world.

J-14: Any plans to release any more scents in the future?

The Dolan Twins: Yes, we have a lot of exciting ideas that we can’t wait to bring to life. We plan to continue our exploration in the world of scent.

Fans can purchase the new fragrances here!

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