You might want to grab some tissues before watching the Dolan Twins‘ next video. Ethan and Grayson Dolan just teased their upcoming collaboration with Shane Dawson, and boy, does it sound like it’s going to be emotional.

“Hey… There won’t be a new video up tomorrow. Ethan and I want to take our time with this one,” Grayson shared on Twitter on Monday, September 30. “It’s a really important video for us. We also want to thank @ShaneDawson so much for helping us and having this conversation with us that we will share with you next week.”

“Filmed something very personal and important to us. A message we’ve been wanting to share with you for a while now. Thank you so much @ShaneDawson for having this conversation with us, you truly helped us so much,” Ethan added. “This will be up next week. Thank you all for your patience.”

Shane retweeted their message, adding, “Proud of you guys.”

Naturally, fans quickly started to speculate on what the new video might be about. Some have suggested that it may focus on their dad’s tragic death. As fans know, Sean Dolan sadly passed away from cancer on January 19. Others have theorized that the video may be about their relationship with James Charles. The YouTubers used to be pretty close to the controversial star, but they haven’t been spotted with him since his drama with Tati Westbrook.

“I predict that Shane talked to Ethan and Grayson about James Charles. Remember when Jeffree [Star] said he’ll get the Dolan twins and expose James back when there was tea and then James was in the trailer… Just saying,” one fan suggested on Twitter, with another adding, “No one asked for my opinion but the reason I think Shane talked to the Dolan Twins about James is because it makes more sense with respect to the series he’s doing with Jeffree. It could also be about their dad, but why? It’s kinda random and doesn’t have anything to do with Shane.”

But regardless of what the video is about, fans are definitely proud of the guys.

“We love and admire you so much for being so open with us. Take all the time you need to prepare. We will always be here waiting for you. We love you,” one supporter replied.

“I know whatever you’ve filmed was so hard for you both and I just want to remind you that we’re here for you always and we’ve got you no matter what. I’m proud of you guys,” another fan wrote.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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