Ever since Demi Lovato left rehab back in November 2018, she’s been spotted around Los Angeles with a guy named Henri Levy on several occasions. At first, we didn’t know anything about him, nor did we know how they met. However, now that it’s been several months, it’s clear that these two are way more than just friends.

How do we know? Well, ICYMI, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer posted a video to her Instagram Stories of the two kissing on Dec. 29, so consider the “just friends” rumor debunked. Still, we were absolutely desperate to find out more about her new man, and so we did some digging. Luckily, we’ve compiled a bunch of facts about him that you simply need to know. You can thank us later!

He goes by a few different names.

Aren’t they adorable? Before we get into how they met, there are a few basic facts you should know. Like, for example, that Henri goes by a few different names. In addition to Henri Levy, he also goes by Henry Levy,  Henri Alexander, and Henri Alexander Levy. Why? Well, we’re not so sure, but it probably has something to do with his successful fashion line, which he launched back in 2012.

Now, back to how they met. According to TMZ, the pair first met a few years ago in rehab. Now, they go to meetings together to ensure each other’s sobriety. How sweet is that?!

He’s Demi’s sober companion.

In November, the outlet reported, “We’ve learned Demi and Henry went to an AA meeting Sunday night — he’s been in and out of rehab since he was a teen. We’re told Demi and Henry actually met a few years back when both were in rehab.”

Clearly, this makes total sense. We mean, dating someone who’s been through a lot of the same things can be extremely comforting, so in addition to dating each other, they’re also sober companions.

He struggled with drug abuse in high school.

Like the “Tell Me You Love Me” crooner, the fashion designer struggled with drug abuse as a teenager. In fact, he told Complex back in 2016 that he “was caught up in drugs” during his high school years and went to rehab for the first time at the age of 15.

Prior to high school, though, he had trouble staying in school at all. Growing up, he went to several different schools, including the most expensive boarding school in the world, Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland, but he told Complex that he never managed to stay long at any of them.

Demi Lovato Kissing Henry Levy

Similar to Demi, the Enfants Riches Déprimés founder’s battle with drugs was ongoing. According to him, he wasn’t able to truly get himself on the right track until he was 27 years old, when he attended A Betty Ford treatment center in Oregon.

He started his own fashion brand.

Following his exit from the treatment facility in 2012, Henri felt more inspired than ever to create his rebellious (and not to mention expensive) fashion brand. He told Complex that his clothing was inspired by his frustrations with everything that’s gone on in his life, including his parents’ decision to send him away for a year as a teen, as well as the anger he felt towards rehab personnel for trying to tell him what to do.

His clothing has been very controversial.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all smooth-sailing when he left, either. In fact, his brand Enfants Riches Déprimés came under fire on a several occasions for its questionable products, some of which included extremely controversial slogans.

All that aside, it seems like the clothing designer has been doing really well in recent years, and one thing’s for sure: He makes the former Disney star smile from ear to ear. Since first being spotted out together on Nov. 3, 2018, the couple has appeared in public several more times, and each time they seem even more smitten than the last. Congrats, you two!

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