This Is Us actress Faithe Herman, who plays Annie Pearson in the fan-fave NBC show, got her big break at a very young age. And now, the actress is making it to the big screen!

Yep, that’s right! The 11-year-old actress is starring alongside Zachary LeviAsher AngelJack Dylan Grazer and more in Shazam! But how did she get here? What is life as a working child actress like for her? How does she balance it all? Well, if you’re a young person hoping to make it big in the entertainment industry, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Well, lucky for you, Faithe has got some great advice for you, based on her very own experience as a child actress.

“My first advice would be to make sure your grades are good in school. No matter what, school comes first. Next, I would say is to know that it is a big commitment. You have to go on auditions, learn lines, be on set and be professional while you’re there, and by that, I mean it’s like being a little grown-up,” she said.

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The star continued, “Once you understand that, with the guidance of your parents, there are steps together you can take.”

So how did Faithe break into the industry? The star went on to tell us how it all went down. As it turns out, her mom actually submitted her photos online, and the rest is history!

“My own personal experience started when my mom submitted my headshot to agents online. That’s how I first started in the entertainment business. I signed with my agency, and as my career moved further, I eventually signed with my managers. I believe that when you have the right team and the right people surround you, anything is possible,” she said.

But how to you know if that’s the right path for you? Well, it all starts with a passion!

Faithe adds, “If being in the entertainment industry is your passion, just know that anything is possible. I send all my blessings and love your way.”

Great advice, Faithe!

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