Prepare yourselves, people, because Addison Rae is working on something big, and some fans are seriously convinced that she’s gearing up to join the beauty industry! Speculation started after the TikTok star posted a brand new video on the video sharing app that appeared as if she was posing for a photoshoot.

“I’m working on something super exciting that I can’t wait to share with all of you!” she captioned the clip, alongside the hashtags #maincharacter and #weareanitem.

@addisonreI’m working on something super exciting that I can’t wait to share with all of you! ##maincharacter ##wereanitem ❤️♬ original sound – ashlaward

Although she didn’t release any more information, whatever she’s dropping is called Item — as seen in the last clip of her TikTok video. A few eagle eyed fans took to Twitter and posted a link to the brand’s apparent website and claimed that it was a beauty brand that was “coming soon.”

“So is @whoisaddison going to have a beauty line? Item Beauty?” one person asked. Another added, “Item Beauty by Addison Rae, I already love it.”

A fellow TikTok user seemingly found the brand’s Instagram page and captioned her video with, “Addison Rae is making makeup?”

@carolynborock##wereanitem @addisonre is making makeup??♬ original sound – carolynborock

According to this clip, the Instagram account has a few thousand followers, but doesn’t follow anyone just yet. The account, which has no posts, is already followed by Addison herself, which added to speculation that it belongs to her upcoming beauty line. Although she has yet to officially announce anything just yet, fans seem pretty excited about her next project and, NGL, we’re so here for it! With a collaboration with James Charles already under her belt, there’s no doubt about it, this 19-year-old is ready to make her official jump into the beauty community with some makeup of her own.

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