For those who missed it, Hype House members were seriously not happy with a group of fans after they seemingly snuck into the influencer squad’s old mansion and filmed the entire thing. Not only did they post clips inside the home, but they even alleged that they were moving in to form the “Junior Hype House.” They also tried on some of Chase Hudson‘s clothes that were left behind. Now, the group of girls and their mom have spoken out about it, and they said they “did not break into the Hype House” after all.

According to a video uploaded to the TikTok Room Instagram account, one of the girls, Roselie Arritola‘s (whose known online as Jenny Popach) mom seemingly denied their actions.

“I just wanted to come on here to apologize to everybody who unfortunately believes that I broke into the Hype House,” the 13-year-old’s mother said. “I, in fact, did not break into the Hype House. I also did not steal anything from the Hype House. I am not a thief, never have been and never will be. And contrary to what you are going to believe from Lil Huddy, I did try on his jacket, however, I did not take his jacket. I just wore it for one video.”

She continued, “We did not break in, again. There was a caretaker there that allowed us to come in and film. Once again, I apologize and I’m sorry.”

The mom, whose name is Maria Ulacia, also apologized to Chase’s manager and the Hype House members in an Instagram Stories post, which was screenshotted and reposted to TikTok Room. After her apology, Hype House member Alex Warren said in an Instagram comment that they don’t have a caretaker at the house, and claimed that all the doors were locked before Maria and the other girls got inside.

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According to a statement from Hype House management, given to Insider, “There simply is no ‘caretaker’ for the house, or anyone beyond the current Hype House residents (who weren’t home at the time), that has the authority to breach security, open the security gate, and ‘invite’ strangers into our home, we have turned the full investigation over to law enforcement and will follow their lead regarding next steps and holding the appropriate individuals accountable for their actions.”

It continued, “Regarding accountability, regardless of intent or lapses in judgement, breaking and entering, trespassing, and property theft are criminal offenses that will not be tolerated by the members of Hype House or law enforcement. From here, we’ll defer to law enforcements and the legal system to determine the appropriate outcome for those involved.”

Maria, Jenny nor the Hype House members have publicly addressed the situation further.

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