Are TikTok’s Hype House and Sway House joining forces? Some fans sure do think so!

For those who missed it, this pretty epic fan theory — called the Swype House — came just after both the Hype and Sway lost members, gained some new members and moved into bigger houses. After all that, Bryce Hall — Sway House founder — took to Twitter and trolled the internet saying he’s now a Hype House member.

“I’m a Hype House member now,” the 20-year-old wrote. He then added, “I’m just kidding #Swayforlife all love to the Hype House [though].”

A few days after his series of social media posts, and TikTok videos with some Hype House members, Bryce seemingly ensured fans that there was no more drama between himself and Hype House cofounder, Thomas Petrou, by appearing in Tayler Holder‘s latest vlog. With all past issues resolved, there’s no reason that the two groups can’t come together, right? That’s exactly how fans feel, too!

“I want Swype House to be permanent,” one fan wrote. Another posted, “#SwypeHouse should all do a big group video on TikTok.”

A third Twitter user added, “#swypehouse the beginning of a new era [on] TikTok.”

Get this, you guys — fans aren’t the only ones who are here for the latest ship, even the influencers themselves are totally on board!

“I guess the sway house and hype house are the new ship everyone is sailing #swypehouse,” Bryce wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, June 9. 

Then, Chase Hudson seemingly addressed the entire thing on social media, too! He simply, wrote, “swype,” on Twitter.

Although no one has outright confirmed the collaboration just yet, from the sound of it, there’s no more bad blood between anyone in these two squads. TBH, we’re here for whatever TikTok content they want to continue giving us!

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