Members of the TikTok group Hype House are seriously not happy with a group of fans after they snuck into the influencer squad’s old mansion and filmed the entire thing. Yep, in a series of since-deleted videos — that were reposted on Instagram account TikTok Room — some girls and their mom not only filmed clips in the home, but alleged that they were moving in to form the “Junior Hype House.” They even tried on some of Chase Hudson‘s clothes that were left behind.

As fans know, this came just days after the remaining Hype House members moved into the former Clout House home, according to a recent Instagram Stories post from Thomas Petrou. After seeing the videos of the girls in their old house, Thomas also took to the comments section of their TikToks and set the record straight.

“We’re still renting that property. They can’t even rent that place,” the Hype House cofounder said, in reply to the fans’ claims that they were moving in.

Another comment from the Hype House’s official TikTok account claimed that the fans had broken in.

Chase also took to Twitter and responded to the entire situation.

“So today I woke up, checked TikTok, and saw that a few girls along with their MOTHER broke into our old house, and also took MY clothes. This is beyond f**king weird, how do people think this s**t is okay?” the influencer wrote.

But that’s not all! According to fellow TikTok star Tony Lopez, fans aren’t only showing up at their old house, but at their new house too.

“If you’re watching this and you live in the LA area, can you please stop showing up to our house. I am super f**king frustrated with the amount of f**king people that wait outside my house,” he begged during a recent livestream.

Previously, Anthony Reeves also took to social media and asked fans to stop showing up at the Sway House.

“Appreciate all of the love and support but standing outside our house and knocking on the door, or having your parents knocking on the door, it’s really invading,” the 18-year-old wrote on Twitter on May 27. “I don’t wanna be a d**k but basically the only privacy we get is it at the house and it’s being taken away.”

He continued the next day, “Also just walking up and trying to record the inside or record us in our house is also very weird. Please stop. Thank you.”

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