Not only has Hailee Steinfeld grown up in Hollywood when it comes to her acting roles, but the Los Angeles native has also gotten pretty tall in her transition from child actress to major star. Over the years, Hailee has even towered over a few of her costars.

Keep reading for details on the actress’ height. 

How Tall Is Hailee Steinfeld?

The True Grit star confirmed that she’s 5-foot-7 in a Twitter post from 2018.

“In school, I was always taller than everybody else and I didn’t necessarily love it,” she told People in May 2017 of her height. “I felt like it made me stand out in a way I didn’t want to stand out in.”

What Has Hailee Steinfeld Said About Her Height?

While she used to be insecure about being tall, Hailee has since embraced her height.

“Now, I can appreciate it. I feel really comfortable showing off my legs,” she shared in the same People interview. “I love myself for that. Sometimes I wish I could be taller. Thank God for heels because we can do that!”

The actress added, “With my single, ‘Most Girls,’ that song is about waking up and being whoever you want to be whenever you want to be that. With that song, I’ve had the most fun performing in sweatpants to mini dresses to jeans and a tank top.”

As she’s grown up in the public eye, Hailee has gotten candid in various interviews about continuing to be confident in her body.

“I think that truly loving yourself means doing what makes you happy. Doing what makes YOU feel good,” the Dickinson actress wrote in an essay for Today from September 2018. “Living for yourself and no one else. That speaks to really any situation. Put yourself first and know what you’re worth.”

Sending a message to her fans about confidence, Hailee reminded them to “find your light.” She added, “Find what makes you happy and stick to that! Know you are uniquely you and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

When it comes to body image, the “Starving” songstress said she lives by the motto, “if you feel good, you look good,” in her everyday life.

“If I don’t have a lot of time or if it’s, like, a matter of staying in bed longer or going to work out, I’m going to pick staying in bed!” she shared. “But it’s one of those things where looking good is the byproduct of feeling good, and that to me is the most important.”

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