Growing up in the spotlight! Hailee Steinfeld has blossomed from a child star to a fashionable adult right before fans’ eyes!

The actress made her film debut in the 2010 movie True Grit at only 14 years old and since then has taken over the film industry. Aside from movies and TV shows, Hailee has also made a name for herself as a fashion icon.

“I love taking risks with [style]. Cool, casual, and comfortable is the way I’d define it at this moment because it’s constantly evolving,” the Hawkeye actress told Paper Magazine in April 2016. “I’ve been working with my stylist, Karla Welch, since I was 13, so she knows me, what I’m comfortable in, and what I love. It’s become so much more of a collaborative effort when it comes to selecting or designing a new piece. We’ve had situations more recently when I won’t have fittings until the day of or minutes before the event. I’ve become so trusting of her because she just gets me at this point. It’s such an open process: I’m able to call her up and send her references.”

Throughout her career, Hailee has walked the runway for some major fashion houses, but prefers comfort over everything. When chatting with Harper’s Bazaar in June 2021, the actress explained how her interest in fashion began. It all started with her 2011 Miu Miu campaign.

“I will say I’ve always considered that part of my life my introduction to fashion,” Hailee told the magazine. “Putting me in that campaign and inviting me to my first fashion show during Paris Fashion Week, that was fashion to me and I’ve only ever held anything I have created fashion [wise] close to that standard.”

During the same interview, the Edge of Seventeen actress was honest about her time in lockdown amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Well I will say, I lived in sweats and hoodies … [but] I feel like I have been relaxed and comfortable for too long now!” she explained, noting that Zoom interviews helped her evolve her beauty and jewelry looks. “Listen, on Zoom if you can only see waist up then why bother with the rest?”

As the world started to open back up and Hailee walked more red carpets in late 2021, she definitely showed off her style. Over the years, her fashion game has gone from princess dresses to power suits and epic bedazzled looks.

Scroll through our gallery to see Hailee’s full style evolution. 

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