Is Hailee Steinfelds new song “I Love Yous” about her ex-boyfriend Niall Horan? Well, the Pitch Perfect 2 star just broke down the shady lyrics once an for all.

For those who missed it, the brunette beauty dropped the new track on Friday, March 27, and fans were quick to notice some references to her relationship with the former One Direction member. The song is all about being hurt after a breakup and not feeling ready to love again, and there are definitely a lot of clues that it’s about Niall.

“No more I love you’s / Until I’m OK / I blamed it on the time zones / I blamed it on my eyes closed / I blamed it on the world like it owes me / No more I love you’s / Until I’m OK,” the lyrics read.

Listeners quickly started to speculate that the “time zones” line was a reference to the “Slow Hands” crooner, since he lives in London and she lives in Los Angeles. And now, the 23-year-old has explained the real meaning behind the line.

Hailee Steinfeld New Song About Niall Horan

“I think when we get into certain situations we sort of make excuses or we look to whatever we can to sort of take the blame away from ourselves when we know what’s right and we know what’s wrong,” she told MTV Australia. “It’s that head versus heart thing, where your mind is telling you one thing and your heart is telling you another. What you want is not what you need or what you should have. It’s like when you know that stuff, you blame it on all of these elements that could be to blame but not really.”

As fans know, rumors first started swirling that the 26-year-old singer and the actress were dating back in February 2018, after they were spotted getting pretty cozy at a Backstreet Boys concert. And when they were photographed smooching in August 2018, fans of the couple got all the confirmation that they had been waiting for. But they unfortunately called it quits in December of the same year, and after they went their separate ways, it definitely didn’t seem like they ended on great terms. Why? Well, Hailee seemingly shaded the pop star multiple times on her Instagram Stories, and when she released her song “Wrong Direction” in January 2020, she even alleged that Niall had cheated on her.

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