Hailey Baldwin, we feel you on this one. It appears the model who you know, is now married to Justin Bieber, happened to fall victim to a dreaded Instagram fail. See, she legit followed a Selena Gomez fan account. And while we’re sure the 21-year-old might be a fan of Queen Sel’s because who isn’t, there’s the whole part about Selena being Justin’s most famous on-and-off again ex-girlfriend. Yeah, totally awkward.

According to the House of Sel account on IG, Hailey followed the account that’s totally devoted to all things Selena, but then quickly unfollowed.

Hailey, being her always sweet self, then sent the account a DM, apologizing and admitting she totally didn’t mean to follow them “hey followed u by accident so sorry!” she wrote.

Okay, but like that’s actually pretty amazing that she decided to clear the air and admit hitting that follow button was a total mistake on her part. Nowadays, you really can’t do anything on social media without the whole world being able to track your every move, especially when you’re dealing with someone who has millions of followers like Hailey. Perhaps she did just stumble upon the account by accident. Or who knows, maybe she was just admiring the content on there and wanted to *casually* see what’s going with the 26-year-old “Back to You” songstress. We may never know, but girl, this is something many of us have done before. Casually keeping tabs on a former friend or your current bae’s ex? Yeah, everyone is guilty of that, right?

But Selena is currently taking some time out of the spotlight and focusing on herself and as for Hailey, she’s rather busy with her husband, Justin. The Biebs took to Instagram to share a super cute photo of the couple all smiles together and his caption is just everything. “My wife is awesome,” the 24-year-old singer wrote, with Hailey commenting, “that’s my babe.”

Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Instagram Comments

He really is a man in love, and the Biebers want everyone to know they’re perfectly happy with their new life together as Mr. and Mrs. thank you very much.

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