If there’s one thing Niall Horan just learned (as if he didn’t already know this!), it’s to be careful what you post on social media because his millions of followers will see it. The 25-year-old had a bit of an oops moments when he accidentally uploaded a video of himself crying to his Instagram Story that was only meant to be seen by one of his friends. YIKES.

While Niall went ahead and deleted the vid, the evidence is still out there, as his fans don’t ever miss a beat when it comes to keeping tabs on the “Slow Hands” singer. And they saved the receipts.

Poor Niall seems to be so sad! But if you watch it again, it’s clear these are some fake tears and he wasn’t actually crying, he was just pretending to. Fans, at first, were totally confused to see this clip though. He’s been laying low for a while now since he underwent sinus surgery, but don’t get too worried about Nialler. As it turns out, this video was a joke he meant to just send to a friend! Niall replied back to a fan on Twitter who was speaking for the fandom when she expressed her concern.

And that’s when Niall set the record straight. Along with a bunch of crying laughing emojis, he wrote, “I f—ing hate using social media , I’m s–t at it . Tried to send a joke video to my friend and just posted the thing to my story instead . . I give up.”

Niall Horan Tweet

Okay, we’ve all been there before! One wrong click and something that was meant for one person to see gets blasted on your story for all of your followers to watch. And since Niall has more than 21 million followers on IG, a lot of people witnessed this crying moment! But hey, at least it was all a joke and he wasn’t actually in distress. The former One Direction crooner is still baffled over how he made this mistake.

In true Niall fashion though, he’s not letting it get to him, and he’s been tweeting and posting more pics and videos on his Instagram Stories. So while he might’ve made a mistake, he’s not letting that define his social media posts. Can always count on Niall to rise above.

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