Helping out his fans! Harry Styles‘ Love on Tour is not only a place for his biggest supporters to be themselves — as he reminds the crowd every night — but has become an opportunity for the singer to converse with concertgoers holding signs.

From urging boyfriends to propose to sharing relationship advice, the “Sign of the Times” singer has made headlines for his onstage conversations with fans. But one particularly special interaction has stood out among others. During his Wisconsin show on November 3, Harry helped McKinley McConnell come out to her mom, Lisa, who was sitting elsewhere in the stadium.

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“Right after it happened and then, after it went viral, I had zero time to process it. I was with my group of friends and that is when it really started to hit me and it made me feel so grateful for this situation,” McKinley told GLAAD on Tuesday, November 9. “My friend mentioned to me ‘you seem more relaxed, more carefree, you don’t seem as nervous or anxious, you seem very calm.’ So I guess I am taking it well!”

McKinley attended her Love on Tour show with a sign in hand that read, “My mom is in Section 201. Help me come out.” After some back-and-forth between herself and Harry, the singer ran to the opposite side of the stage and proclaimed, “Lisa, she’s gay!”

“I had gotten my mom a ticket to the concert just two days before. It was a super last-minute thing and I took that as a sign from the universe that this may be an opportune moment. I never posted it but I had a backup on the other side of the poster because I didn’t know if I would have the guts to go through with it,” McKinley admitted. “I literally felt like all of the gears in my brain stopped working. Everything went to a full-blown stop because it is so overwhelming! While I was staring at him, I started looking around and I was becoming aware of the amount of people — it’s an actual surreal, once in a lifetime thing [for Harry] to talk to you!”

McKinley also told GLAAD that both her parents have been very supportive since she came out.

“My poor mom … I did this huge thing and then got on a flight the next morning at 7 a.m. because I had to work!” she added. “I am going to more of (Harry Styles’) shows, so I am literally traveling and going to school all of the time. Even though we haven’t had that heart-to-heart check-in, I still felt nothing but love and support from both my mom and dad.”

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