It’s all over now. Harry Styles said goodbye to his years-long Love on Tour concert with a show in Italy on Saturday, July 22. During the concert, the singer shared a sweet message to fans, before taking part in a “Goodbye Song,” which featured him on the piano.

“I don’t get to do this if you guys don’t come,” Harry told fans in a speech, which has since been shared on social media. “I know that more than anyone else. You guys being here tonight, I know you wanted to make it special for me. You make it special for me every single night. The atmosphere that you have created, the family that you have created, this safe space that you have created. I want to thank you for everything.”

Keep reading for details on Harry’s “Goodbye Song,” his message to fans and more. 

What Is Harry Styles’ ‘Goodbye Song’?

There were no lyrics to Harry’s “Goodbye Song” as it was a ten-minute-long piano ballad. The “Watermelon Sugar” crooner sat at the piano for a near-silent crowd and showed his gratitude with the sweet song.

“I know feeling so incredibly small in this world it can be really, really difficult to feel like anything you can do can make a difference. I promise you, I see it all the time in the little things that you do and the way that you treat each other. How it has affected all the people around me, how it has affected people out there, it is so much bigger. It does not end when this tour ends. I want you to continue it,” Harry told the crowd. “Put love out into the world. It needs it a bit right now. I love you all so much, and I’m gonna miss you. I will be loving you so, so much — if you’ve been supporting me for one year, five years, 13 years, whatever it is. Not only have you changed my life over and over again, but you’ve made me the happiest. I’m so thrilled and happy to be here tonight. I’m so, so happy.”

Harry Styles

He also showed his gratitude for fans with a video shared on social media, set to a medley of his songs, including “Grapejuice” from Harry’s House.

“To the most inspiring people I know,” he captioned the clip. “Goodbye for now. Love On Tour forever.”

How Long Was Harry Styles on Tour?

Love on Tour kicked off with a Las Vegas show in September 2021. It continued through July 2023, where it finally came to an end in Italy.

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