After watching Nikita Dragun‘s brand new snapchat series Nikita Unfiltered, some fans are convinced that the beauty guru is feuding with her BFF Bretman Rock. During the third episode, the 24-year-old was chatting with a group of friends when she dropped a major bombshell about her relationship with the fellow makeup mogul. Nikita revealed that they had been set to collaborate on a project together, but it was ultimately called off.

“The Bretman collab with Dragun Beauty for holiday, it’s not happening,” Nikita’s Manager Jake Webb told her. “Everything that we’ve worked for, the ideas the concept, out the window.”

During her confessional, Nikita reacted to the news, “It is a bummer at times because it is your friendship at the end of the day, it’s not just business. Bretman was my day one friend. We kind of grew up in this space together. It just sucks when you’re kind of just left alone.

Naturally, fans wondered why it was called off and what it meant for their friendship, especially after Nikita revealed that she was “hurt” that the project wasn’t going to happen. Some people took to social media and asked the YouTube star where her friendship with Bretman stands now.

“Who’s watching Nikita’s series on Snapchat? It’s interesting… Apparently Bretman and her had a collab they were working on and his manager called it off,” one person posted.

Thankfully, the makeup artist responded and totally cleared the air. And no, there’s no fighting going on between the two makeup moguls.

“He just has a prior agreement that conflicted with the collab… All tea, no shade just trying to show the business side that goes on [behind the scenes],” she explained.

Here’s Why Fans Are Convinced Nikita Dragun And Bretman Rock Are Feuding

Another one of her followers also addressed the situation and wrote, “OMG I’m so sad there was going to be a collaboration with Bretman and Dragun Beauty.”

Nikita replied, “Bretman and I [are] totally fine [by the way]! [Obviously] sucked that the collab couldn’t happen [because] of a prior agreement he had… Don’t worry miss, collab will still be [coming].”

From the look of it, there’s no need to worry because these two are still BFFs and a makeup line between the two might still be in the works!

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