Unbothered? Hero Fiennes Tiffin likes to keep his love life out of the public eye, however, he tells J-14 exclusively that he “understands” why fans ship him and After costar Josephine Langford.

“It’s interesting because part of me says, ‘I get it,’ but part of me says — when you speak to some fans who completely understand from my point of view, they validate why some people’s assumptions are a little bit, maybe immature and jumping the gun. But then again, I get it. I get why you’d see people in a film and, kind of, want them to be together,” the actor, who plays Hardin Scott in the After film franchise, explains. “When people are young, they care so much. It’s good that they care. … I understand it, is probably the best way to put it.”

While he does “understand” why viewers ship the actors offscreen, Hero, 24, tells J-14 that he “really appreciates” those who “see it for what it is and see beyond the screen.” The British star goes on to say that there are those fans who “understand to respect your personal life and your private life and to not think things aren’t true or are true.”

“Then again, bottom line is, I understand it,” Hero shares. “You know, I get it.”

Hero Fiennes Tiffin

The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince stars acknowledges that it’s “tricky” discussing how their relationship transitions from the screen to real life but it’s a “good conversation to have.”

“I feel like everyone, Anna Todd and everyone, was so aware that when you do a movie like this, there is speculation on that kind of thing,” Hero says. “I’m, kind of, trying to play that game of, being respectful to that but also respectful to my own personal private life, and hope that that fans are to — 99 percent of the time they are.”

That being said, he loves the After fandom.

“I’m more grateful than I am spiteful by a long shot,” he gushes. “And like I said, I understand it and I get it, and they’re all so amazing and supportive.”

However, when it comes to his love life, the actor is staying tight-lipped. While he admits that he doesn’t “love too much to delve into my own personal life,” he does “draw things from your own experience” when it comes to shooting romantic movies — like After and his June 2022 movie First Love. “If you haven’t experienced that, you draw from your friends and family and people close to you and how they have.”

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