It has officially been ten whole years since High School Musical 3: Senior Year premiered – can you believe it?! The beloved Disney movie-musical hit theaters on Oct. 24, 2008, to be exact. J-14 caught up with Monique Coleman (AKA Taylor McKessie), one of the fabulous leading ladies of the fan-fave franchise, and she spilled a little secret about the movies that has been so strangely overlooked. And it involves trees. You see, there were so many romantic scenes that took place in trees, and Monique confirms that it’s all thanks to director Kenny Ortega.

“There were so many tree moments! That’s Kenny Ortega. He’s all about being in a treehouse – it’s so romantic. I think it like reminds you of like Romeo and Juliet and the balcony and everything,” Monique says of the mysterious hidden theme.

Scroll through the gallery below to rediscover the iconic tree scenes in the High School Musical movies.

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