So here’s a fun fact about Noah Centineo that’s quite surprising, even for the biggest of fans! The swoon-worthy actor went through his entire To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before audition without revealing his true height. Can you believe?!

noah centineo
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So how tall is Noah Centineo, exactly? The 22-year-old cutie is 6’1″ — but he totally pretended to be shorter to downplay his height difference with leading lady Lana Condor. The 5’3″ actress revealed that thanks to the boost she got from her platform shoes, Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky were able to be side by side in scenes seamlessly.

“The funny thing is, Lara Jean wears these big platforms pretty much throughout the whole movie. I love those platforms,” the 21-year-old actress told Vulture. “But the reason we had them is because I don’t think the producers realized how much Noah is taller than me.”

As a matter of fact, Noah legit crouched down during the audition process just so he would get the role.

“When we auditioned and chemistry read together, at the end of the chemistry read you have to stand next to the person you read with and you have to take a picture to show the producers the height difference,” she told Vulture. “When we went into a camera test, after we’d already been cast, I didn’t make it into a frame with him, because he’s that much taller than me. I heard the producers were like, What is happening? Later, Noah told me he would stand behind me and scrunch down to make himself look shorter. So, those shoes hold a special place in my heart. It’s sweet, that’s how much he wanted the job.”

We literally cannot imagine anyone other than Noah and Lana playing the iconic roles of Peter and Lara Jean. And while it makes us truly LOL picturing Noah hunching over during auditions to appear shorter, we’re glad he did whatever he needed to do to land the role. Phew!

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