Although Noah Centineo seemingly became the internet’s boyfriend overnight after his lead role in To All the Boy I’ve Loved Before, his longtime fans first fell under his spell from his Disney Channel days. Noah starred on Austin & Ally as Dallas, the cute boy with the floppy hair who worked at the cell-phone accessory cart and totally caught Ally’s attention. Remember?

Dallas and Ally
Disney Channel

Noah and Laura Marano were naturally co-stars all those years ago and they recently worked together again in the upcoming movie The Stand-In and well, Noah truly has nothing but the nicest things to say about his reunion with Laura. Yes, we’re already crying,

“That was so cool. I love her to death. She’s so smart and so talented. She really just gives a s–t about life and living conditions and what’s happening in the real world as far as our country and people’s rights. She’s just, across the board, such a lovely individual,” Noah said to Seventeen. “Having a little reunion with her was sick. I mean, I think we had pretty great chemistry. I haven’t seen the cut, so maybe it’s miserable and it’s terrible, but I had a lot of fun on that film, especially with Laura.”

Okay, now, first of all, Noah literally gushing over how amazing he thinks Laura really is actually the purest, most adorable thing you’ll hear all day. But LOL to the 22-year-old saying he’s not even sure how their scenes together came out! The movie also stars Riverdale queen Camila Mendes and tells the story of Noah’s character, Brooks, who as a way to raise money for college, creates a dating app where he pretends to be a stand-in boyfriend. The movie as of now is set to be released sometime in 2019, but Laura admitted she too was beyond excited to work with Noah again after all this time.

“He was my first love interest on Austin & Ally and he’s just as lovely as ever. It’s crazy how much he’s blown up, it’s actually insane,” the 22-year-old dished to PEOPLE Now.

“He’s the sweetest guy ever. It was my sweet 16 on Austin & Ally and I didn’t know Noah that well, but he found out my birthday was the next day. That night, he and his mother went to Macy’s to buy me a necklace and [he] gave it to me the next day. It was so sweet,” she continued. “I bring this up to him as we’re filming The Stand-In, and I’m like, ‘That was so sweet of you’ and he’s like ‘Uh huh, umm.'”

So while Noah legit might’ve had no recollection of ever giving her this gift, it’s clearly an adorable memory Laura holds on to and hey, they were both just oh so happy to be working together again. And that’s what counts here. We’ll just be crying over all the cuteness.

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