Following their March 2024 debut, K-pop girl group ILLIT‘s fame is reaching new heights! That being said, fans are dying to know more about HYBE’s new girl group, including the members own heights, ages and more! Keep reading to see how tall the K-pop stars are here.

ILLIT was formed from a survival show called R U Next?, which originally aired in September 2023. The reality series had over 20 K-pop trainees compete against one another in order to debut as HYBE’s next girl group.

ILLIT is the third girl group to debut under HYBE, BTS’ music company, following Le Sserafim from Source Music in May 2022 and NewJeans from ADOR in July of the same year.

“At HYBE LABELS, there are so many artists with amazing careers that we look up to,” member Moka told Nylon Magazine in March 2024 of their girl group counterparts. “I do feel a bit intimidated, but we’re eager to showcase our individual charms and personalities as we strive to become great artists ourselves. What makes us stand out is that we have a playful and high-spirited vibe, like fun high school students, that everyone would like to hang out with!”

The group’s name is a mashup between the words “I’ll” and “it,” meaning that you have the potential to be anything if you have the will to do so.

The girls officially debuted on March 25, 2024, with their EP SUPER REAL ME, and includes members MokaYunah, MinjuWonhee and Iroha, with former member Youngseo leaving the group in January 2024.

“What I experienced and learned during R U Next? proves to be most helpful when I’m on stage,” Yunah told Nylon. “As I prepared for our Debut Show ILLIT: I’LL (SHOW) IT, memories and lessons from R U Next? flooded back to me. Reminding myself of the challenges I’ve overcome throughout the show allows me to manage the stress and nervousness, and gives me the confidence to perform in front of a larger audience.”

Scroll through our gallery to uncover how tall the members of ILLIT are!

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