HYBE has debuted another K-pop girl group! Named ILLIT, the 5-member girl group made their debut in March 2024 with their EP SUPER REAL ME, and was originally formed on a survival show.

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Who Are ILLIT?

The group was formed from R U Next?, a survival show that aired in September 2023 and had over 20 K-pop trainees compete against one another in order to debut as a girl group.

Serving as a collaboration between HYBE and JTBC, ILLIT was formerly known as ILL-IT, and is managed by HYBE sub-label Belift Lab. The group’s name is a mashup between the words “I’ll” and “it,” meaning that you have the potential to be anything if you have the will to do so.

The members include Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee, and Iroha, with former member Youngseo leaving the group in January 2024.

“Following in-depth discussions about future activities, Belift Lab and Youngseo have come to a mutual agreement to terminate the exclusive contract,” Belift Lab announced on Weverse on January 7, 2024.

“I’ll-It will be debuting as a five-member group. We are committed to fully supporting I’ll-It’s debut and subsequent engagements,” the company continued. “This mutual decision has been made after careful consideration, honoring the artist’s wishes. We kindly ask for no unwarranted speculations or misunderstandings.”

I’LLIT is the third girl group to debut under HYBE, BTS’ music company, following Le Sserafim from Source Music in May 2022 and NewJeans from ADOR in July of the same year.

When Will ILLIT Debut?

The girls will be making their debut on March 25, 2024, with their mini album, SUPER REAL ME. The tracklist features 5 songs: “My World,” “Magnetic,” “Midnight Fiction” and “Lucky Girl Syndrome.”

ILLIT will serve as Be Lift’s second K-pop group, after debuting popular boy group ENHYPEN in 2020. The 7-member was also formed on a survival show titled I-Land, which featured 23 male K-pop trainees. The show aired weekly on Mnet from June to September 2020, with new episodes also being posted on HYBE’s official YouTube channel.

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