ITZY are the definition of “It Girls” — it’s literally in their name! The K-pop girl group, which includes members Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna, just released their EP Kill My Doubt and it’s a piece of “CAKE.” J-14 sat down with the quintet exclusively to talk their favorite songs off the new album, what their ideal day looks like and who the funniest member *really* is. Keep reading for our exclusive interview. 

What Is ITZY’s Favorite Track From ‘Kill My Doubt’ Album?

ICYMI, ITZY released Kill My Doubt on Monday, July 31, with their lead single and music video “CAKE” dropping on the same day. The album includes six tracks, and the girls revealed what their favorites are to perform!

“My pick is ‘None of My Business,'” ITZY’s leader Yeji told J-14. “It’s relaxing and catchy. Also, the performance is really pretty.”

For Ryujin, she prefers the synth-filled tech track that is “Kill Shot,” as it shows ITZY’s charisma and energy, adding she’s “interested” in the genre of music the song portrays. “For me, mine is ‘Bratty,'” Yuna revealed, adding that the style of the track is “very” much her style.

As for the lead single of the album, “CAKE,” Lia described it as a “summer vibe song with a very fresh and cute energy,” revealing that the group especially had a great time preparing for this specific comeback. “Because our song, this time is a very bright song,” Lia said, adding that they carried that “bright energy” while prepping.

She added, “I think it’s a song where everyone can kind of easily sing along and dance to this summer.”

What Does ITZY’s Ideal Day Look Like?

For ITZY’s dream day off, all of the members agreed on two must-haves: “sleep” and “food.”

Lia gave us a rundown on hers, which begins with a shower, putting on a little makeup before going out and taking photos while meeting with friends. All the members nodded during Lia’s ideal day breakdown, with Ryujin thoughtfully adding, “And [ending the day] thinking ‘Oh, I had a wonderful day.'” Cute!


Who Are the Funniest, Most Stylish Members?

During J-14‘s lightning interview round, we asked the girls who they thought the funniest member was, which bandmate has the best style and who gives the best advice.

For funniest bandmate, there was a group consensus between members Lia and Ryujin. At first, Ryujin couldn’t decide on her own pick, as all the members “have their own” humor, before revealing that Chaeryoung is the member that makes her laugh the most “these days.” For Lia, it’s Yeji that’s making her smile “these days,” without even meaning to! She explained that ITZY’s leader “has these cute moments that make us laugh.”

Ryujin confidently claimed the “most stylish” title, while also sharing the crown for the best advice with Yuna.

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