He’s more than just Noah Flynn! Jacob Elordi might have gotten his fame from The Kissing Booth franchise, but the actor has since moved on from the Netflix series. Amid playing the hunky teen in the streaming service’s three movies, Jacob was cast as Nate Jacobs in HBO’s Euphoria.

While still playing a high schooler, Jacob explained that the roles were “two completely different experiences,” during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter from June 2019.

The Kissing Booth was the first film I ever made — it was sort of my ticket to Hollywood, so I was really grateful for that,” he recalled. “It’s almost like righting my wrongs a little bit too, because the character in The Kissing Booth is awful and it’s never really explained. He’s kind of idolized and made into a hero, so I suppose this show is showing why.”

That being said, the actor has made it clear he’s moving on from high school roles overall.

“Nothing against that but I’ve sort of done it and it would be really hard for me to find joy in that,” Jacob told GQ Australia in July 2020. “I’m also getting older now, and I’m starting to look older, so to keep going back to high school is kind of taxing.”

Well, he has tons of projects in the works, including the upcoming biopic Pricilla, in which he’s set to take on the role of late musician Elvis Presley. The upcoming movie is based on Priscilla Presley‘s memoir, Elvis and Me, which was released in 1985.

“It was the time of my life, really. It was just perfect,” he told Man of Many in March 2023 about playing the legendary artist. “It was everything that you could imagine and more. It was probably close to being in one of the best sets I’ve been on in my life, and I’ll forever be proud of that film and that moment in time.”

Despite becoming a household name, Jacob will never forget where he got his start in Hollywood.

“I wouldn’t be here making movies and TV if I didn’t make those movies,” Jacob said of The Kissing Booth during an interview with Access from January 2022. “I’m just so f–king grateful.”

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