Warning: Spoilers ahead. Now that Elle, Lee and Noah have officially returned to Netflix for The Kissing Booth 3, is there more to come from the film franchise? While Netflix has referred to the third movie as the final installment in the series, that hasn’t stopped fans from wanting more. Stars like Joey King, Joel Courtney and Jacob Elordi have spoken about the possibility of another film.

“Nostalgia was a big part of the franchise in my mind,” director Vince Marcello told Netflix. “All the movies are Elle looking back. Every voiceover is written from that perspective. I think we see discovery and growth from Lee, Noah and Elle in ways I hope will be fully satisfying and rewarding. Without spoiling anything, I think it’s a hopeful ending, but it’s not so buttoned up that it doesn’t leave any room for interpretation.”

At the end of the second movie, Elle (played by Joey) has a major decision to make when it comes to the next chapter of her life. Will the teen go to Berkley with her best friend, Lee (played by Joel), or to Harvard with her boyfriend, Noah (played by Jacob). In the end, Elle chooses herself!

“Her journey of growth is so great. She’s so good at making other people happy and being a great friend, but I think it’s nice that we see her finally kind of take charge of what makes her happy,” Joey told J-14 exclusively about her character’s ending. “She’s the coolest, you know, I’m super proud of her.”


After she and Noah breakup, Elle decides to attend the University of Southern California and major in video game design. In the final scene of the movie, fans get to see the characters all grown up thanks to a six-year flash forward. While it’s unclear what the future holds for Elle and Noah, their reunion is pretty romantic, and there’s definitely hope for the couple. Not to mention, their return back to each other occurs right in front of the same kissing booth where the former flames shared their first kiss. Talk about a full-circle moment.

“Elle has to learn to make decisions for herself,” Joey told Netflix. “I think she learned that you have to make decisions for yourself in order to be truly happy. I’ve always loved this character’s dedication to her relationships. But I also love when she decides she should think for herself and no one else.”

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