Looking back! Joey King and Joel Courtney have nothing but amazing memories together from The Kissing Booth 3 set. The duo, who play Elle and Lee in the Netflix film franchise, are “so close” both on and off screen.

“Truly, every day with Joel was belly-laughs to the point where I’d be like, ‘I’m gonna pee.’ So, it’s hard to pinpoint any specific moment, but just being his friend is a constant flow of laughter,” Joey gushes to J-14 exclusively ahead of the final film’s premiere. “He makes everyone he’s around so happy. I just feel really lucky to have shared all those laughs with him and that people can see that we really care about each other.”

Just like his costar, Joel was unable to recall one specific funny moment on The Kissing Booth 3 set because there were “so many” hilarious memories.

“I just remember laughing,” he says. “That’s the one clear memory that I take away is just I laughed every day with Joey.”

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David Bloomer/Netflix

The dynamic duo’s epic friendship definitely shows through as they wrap up the fan-favorite franchise, which started when the first movie premiered in May 2018. The three films follow the story of Elle, her best friend Lee and his older brother, Noah (played by Jacob Elordi). After Elle and Noah fall in love, the teenager must figure out how to balance life with her best friend and now boyfriend. As fans know, The Kissing Booth 3 will tell the story of Elle and Lee as they get ready for their last summer together before college. While Elle makes the big decision of which college she’s going to attend, she and Lee complete items on their ultimate Beach Bucket List.

“I have to say one of the [scenes] we worked the hardest for, and we had so much fun doing was the flash mob,” Joey teases to J-14. “I can’t believe we pulled that off. It was amazing.”

Joel, for his part, loved filming the “Race Day” bucket list item.

“The Go-Karts! Our costumes were just insane,” he shares. “Getting to drive Go-Karts all day is like a childhood dream come true for me. I love Go-Karting and getting to throw balloons and silly string, it’s just so crazy. It’s one of those things no one does, like you don’t get to do that. It was just a really, really awesome memory.”

The Kissing Booth 3 premieres on Netflix on Wednesday, August 11. 

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