Wondering what scenes in The Kissing Booth 2 were the cast’s favorites? Well, thanks to Joel Courtney, now we know!

Yep, Lee Flynn himself dished in a recent interview all about the best moments from the movie, including some that made his character the “the same fun-loving little goofball” viewers all know and love. First off, Joel dished on his onscreen relationship with Meganne Young, who played Rachel.

“Lee learns, ‘What are the boundaries that I need to set between my best friend and my girlfriend? What time do I get with my girlfriend is just us and we should not and cannot have a third wheel and what time can I spend with my best friend and when can we be the three of us together?'” the 24-year-old told Insider. “It’s an important lesson that I think every relationship goes through and I think this is a great way of showing Lee maturing.”

Then, Joel spilled some major tea on the “most daring things that Lee does” throughout the entire flick.

“He got detention, he got in trouble for it, but it was entirely worth it, you know? He got to publicly declare his love for Rachel, which was his main goal, and then also on top of that, he got to explore what it is to pursue this girl that he loves,” he said. “I just think it’s one of the most classically Lee things that could possibly be done in the Kissing Booth world.”

When talking about the dance moments he shared with Joey King, Joel noted the Halloween dance is one he’s “really proud” of. Finally, he revealed that the clumsy running scene — which fans will remember showed Lee tripping over everything in his path while trying to stop BFF, Elle, from an embarrassing moment — was “one of my favorite things to film.”

“I truly appreciate the physical comedy of those and it’s one of those things where I’ve never really been able to do that before to such a degree and I loved it,” he added. “I had so much fun doing it and I’d like to do more like that in the future.”

Well, we hope to see more of that when The Kissing Booth 3 officially hits Netflix!

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