Ever since the sequel to Netflix’s The Kissing Booth hit screens in July 2020, there’s been one major question on fans’ minds! Viewers want to know — who’s that cutie that plays Marco?

As it turned out, Taylor Zakhar Perez played the adorable character who put Elle Evans into a major love triangle. And, yes, that is his absolutely stunning singing voice throughout the film. Get this — he played the guitar, too! It’s official, Taylor has stolen all of our hearts. He also reprised the role in the third movie and stirred up even more trouble between Elle’s relationship with Noah Flynn.

“I had expectations of a traditional rollout for a project like this because Kissing Booth 2 was 100 percent my breakout role, and you had seen these breakout … I’d say ‘star’ loosely, but you know what I mean,” the actor said during an interview with WWD in August 2021. “Breakout stars … when it happens, you’re, like, ‘whoa.’ And so when you get a breakout in quarantine, it’s like, ‘All right, everything is just remote from the house, and you don’t really get to interact with people.’ Everyone was, like, ‘Taylor, this is going to be great. This is going to be great for you,’ and then when it came, it was great. But then it just wasn’t the same, I think, as other people experienced, so it’s been very nontraditional.”

In the film series, Taylor plays a high school student. But in real life, his high school experience was pretty traditional.

“I wasn’t really a dater in high school, so I didn’t really have that side of Elle’s conundrum she’s going through, but definitely just the ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What do I want to be?’ I feel like everyone has that,” he added while chatting with WWD. “I know people peak in high school, people that love high school, and they’re in it to win it, and they talk about it for the rest of their life, high school being the best time of their life. Not me. I wanted to move to a city. I wanted to get out of my town and be like the people on TV.”

From his past roles to his love life, scroll through our gallery to uncover everything you need to know about Taylor, the actor who played Marco in The Kissing Booth 2.

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