Ever since the sequel to Netflix’s The Kissing Booth hit screens on July 24, 2020, there’s been one major question on fans’ minds! Yep, you guessed it, viewers want to know — who’s that cutie that plays Marco? Others have also wondered, where did he come from? What has he acted in before this? And most importantly — is he single?

As it turned out, Taylor Zakhar Perez played the adorable character who put Elle Evans into a major love triangle. And, yes, that is his absolutely stunning singing voice throughout the film. Get this — he played the guitar, too! It’s official, Taylor has stolen all of our heart. In order to answer some major questions about the actor, J-14 went ahead and did some digging, and we uncovered a lot about the swoon-worthy star — so fans might want to get ready to fall even more in love with him than they already are.

From his past roles to his love life, scroll through our gallery to uncover everything you need to know about Taylor, the actor who played Marco in The Kissing Booth 2.

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