Actress Jameela Jamil has no time for drama. The Good Place star recently took to Twitter and slammed Taylor Swift fans who criticized her for having Demi Lovato as a guest on the most recent episode of her “I Weigh” podcast.

For those who missed it, some people were quick to call out the podcast host on social media for her candid conversation with the Sonny With A Chance alum, who had a minor feud with Jameela’s BFF Taylor in the past. Previously, during the public feud with Scooter Braun, Demi defended her music manager instead of taking Taylor’s side. This seemingly caused some tensions between the superstars. But their alleged issues came to an end a few months later after Demi publicly called Taylor’s Lover album “great.”

“Life’s too short for women not to support other women,” Demi wrote on Instagram Stories at the time. Taylor replied, “This is so awesome and put the biggest smile on my face.”

Now, months later, Jameela wants everyone to know, she does not care if they feuded or not.

“I’m not being dragged into celebrity feuds. I’m 34. I’m not involved in any of these dynamics. I don’t care which of them dislike each other. I’m interviewing interesting humans sharing their unique mental health journeys that may help others to learn about,” she wrote on Twitter as a response to hate comments. She then added, “I know and like all of these women separately. Their inter personal histories and relationships are not my fight/business. Not all humans have to get along. Not all women have to get along. It is not as black and white as the internet decides it is. Humans are very complicated.”

A few days before the podcast — in which the Hollywood starlets discussed cancel culture — Jameela publicly defended Taylor against an internet troll who claimed the blonde beauty was not a “powerful” woman. After she penned a heartfelt essay — alongside a photo of strong, famous women — explaining how females are often discredited in the media, one person asked Jameela to remove Taylor from the post.

“But can we take Taylor Swift out of the context next to smart, powerful women,” the social media user wrote in a seemingly since-deleted comment, captured by fans. “Part of our power comes from honesty in our story and TS continually lies and mischaracterizes others.”

The 34-year-old quickly stood up for her friend and clapped back with, “Seems like you’ve been reading the patriarchal media, hun. You don’t know her. I do. I know what really happened.”

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