YouTuber James Charles was not happy after he revealed that one of his fans “fake their own death” in an attempt to get his attention.

I just found out that one of my fan accounts faked cancer and their death…? I understand people wanting to get noticed by their idol but my mom’s a cancer survivor and lying about something so serious just does not sit right in my heart,” he wrote on Twitter on Monday, June 15.

According to reports, the fan he was referring to claimed to be terminally ill, and they even posted a fake message from their “sister,” which confirmed their death.

One of the person’s tweets read, “Today is unfortunately my last birthday I’ll ever have which sucks I’ve tried my hardest to get a notice from @jamescharles.”

In another message they wrote, “I’m not gonna be as active for a while and I probably won’t be back to Twitter from now on because you know what’s going on. Cancer is kicking my a** and I have two weeks left to live. I tried to fight this and I couldn’t beat it.” The account has since been deleted.

As fans know, James’ tweet comes just weeks after he opened up about his upcoming music career, and we’re so here for it, TBH.

“OK, so I don’t have any music out just yet, but my fans know that I love singing and I’m working on it,” he told Elle in a recent interview. “When I do release a song, I definitely want it to be pop. I definitely would not mind like a electro part on it a ballad. Or, also, a rap verse. Maybe, just maybe.”

The makeup mogul also dished on his dream collaborations.

“Anybody that I say is just going to lead to a lot of hate comments saying ‘you wish’ because I haven’t released any music,” he joked. “In the future, if this were a possibility, I would probably have to say Doja Cat, because I love every single song that she puts out and she’s incredible and I love her visuals and music videos, too. So, I think that would be in line and create something really cool. I would also maybe say Ed Sheeran because he is an incredible songwriter and we would definitely be able to write a bop together about something crazy.”

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