YouTuber James Charles wants fans to know that no, he did not get any plastic surgery on his butt! The social media star shut down rumors that he had gotten work done on his behind after he made some jokes about getting the cosmetic procedure online.

It all started when the 21-year-old took to Twitter on Wednesday, May 27 to let fans know that he really was going under the knife.

“Today is surgery number one. Wish me luck,” he wrote.

Naturally, fans quickly started to wonder why he was getting surgery and what part of his body was getting worked on, and James decided to take the opportunity to make a joke out of the whole thing.

“BTW, my surgery is an a** reduction cause it’s too fat,” he added in another tweet.

But when some people started to take his message seriously, he decided to clear the air once and for all.

“It has come to my attention that people actually believed that my surgery yesterday was an a** reduction,” he added in another post. “I would never get rid of this thicker than a snicker juicy caboose.”

Then, on May 29, 2020, the makeup mogul revealed that the surgery had gone well.

“I’m out! Surgery went smoothly and the pain is no where near as bad as I had expected,” he tweeted. “The surgeon and nurses took great care of me and even filmed a vlog clip for my video lol! So excited to share the results in a few weeks.”

He also replied to a fan, “I got two [surgeries] this week, neither had to do with my a** but they’re both life changing and things I’ve needed to do for a long time.”

Although the influencer has yet to divulge the real reason he needed surgery, some fans have theorized that it had something to do with his tonsils. Why? Well, earlier this month, the beauty guru revealed that he was having issues with them after he got sick.

“I went to the doctor today to get my ear looked at since it’s been plugged for a week now… he had me open my mouth to look at my sinuses and the first thing he said was, ‘Holy s**t why do you still have your tonsils? They’re huge.’ Tonsillectomy here we come,” he said on May 4, 2020.

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