Prepare to fall even more in love with Joe Jonas than you already are — if that’s even possible. Why, you ask? Well, the Jonas Brothers singer just had the sweetest interaction with his fans, and lucky for you guys, someone caught it on tape! Joe shared the adorable clip to his Twitter on Tuesday, May 21, and we may or may not be crying. Grab your tissues and make sure to watch it for yourself above!

So here’s what went down. The 29-year-old stopped to greet some fans in Paris when they suddenly broke out into song! The fans started singing the JB classic, “Lovebug,” and Joe was loving it. He quickly started singing along to the impromptu concert, and it was seriously adorable. After they finished “Lovebug,” they jumped into “Sucker,” and it was truly a special moment.

“Just a little busking in France with the best fans ever,” Joe captioned the video.

Ugh, our hearts! We love how much his fans mean to him. As J-14 readers know, the boys announced that they were getting back together earlier this year, six years after their heartbreaking split. And it turns out, it was all because of the fans that they decided to come back.

“The best part of this go around, is the fact that those fans have lived with our records for so many years that they’re part of their lives, and they’re really meaningful to them. We can feel that energy,” Nick told Paper Magazine.

Jonas Brothers
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“One of the things from the first couple of shows that was so alarming to us was getting out in front of the fans and seeing them all as adults — people that we had grown up with in a sense. Now they’re all adults and they’re having to save up their money to come to the tour and making sure they have money for drinks at the show! I love that!” he also gushed to Wonderland Magazine. “I was so excited about that. To think about the fact that record came out 10 years ago and to know about how much we’ve all grown — fans included — and can now share it in whole new ways, it’s really exciting.”

“We just want to put together an unforgettable show that allows fans to relive some of the past and feel that nostalgic energy which is undeniably a part of this journey, but also then to look towards the future with the new music,” Joe added. “This is turning the page to a new chapter together.”

Aww, they seriously are the best.

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