OK guys, so unfortunately, Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett are NOT back together. Rumors first started swirling that the TikTok stars had rekindled their romance after Bryce Hall posted a new video on the video streaming app that showed the pair dancing together. But then, one day later, on Wednesday, July 22, Josh and Nessa set the record straight in the Sway House founder’s new vlog.

“I need a clickbait, so can I say you guys are dating?” Bryce asked his friends.

At the same time both Nessa and Josh replied, “No.”

As fans know, these recent questions about their relationship status came just a little over a month after the former couple revealed that they broke up in a seriously emotional YouTube video. At the time, the influencers explained that they needed to “mature” and “grow as people” before being in such a serious relationship. As for why they decided to give fans such an in-depth look at their breakup, well, Josh explained it was because the last thing he wanted was “lies or rumors being spread” about the split. After their breakup video hit the internet, both Josh and Nessa spoke to People Magazine about the decision to go their separate ways.

“Nessa is a person that will always have a place in my heart. We have learned so much from each other,” Josh told the publication. Nessa agreed and said, “Josh and I are both very saddened by the breakup, but we’ll always be there to support each other in our personal endeavors and wish nothing but love and joy for one another.”

Now, some fans are seriously confused about where they stand. Not only did Bryce’s TikTok start some speculation, but according to a screenshot posted on the TikTok Room Instagram account, some eagle eyed followers noticed that Nessa’s phone background seemed to be a photo of her and Josh.

Despite all these clues, the pair said they’re not back together.

“We’re not [dating],” Josh also said in the new vlog.

There you have it, people!

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