Prepare yourselves, people, because Josh Richards just announced his upcoming podcast with Jaden Hossler. That’s right, the two TikTok stars are teaming up for a brand new project following their departure from the Sway House.

For those who missed it, the dynamic duo recently announced that they were officially moving out of the mansion to focus on their music careers, but from the sound of it, music isn’t the only thing they’re planning to release!

“I know a lot of fans were surprised when Jaden Hossler and I took a hiatus from SWAY; I did so in order to focus on how I can create unity and change in the world as well as to work on other ventures including music and entrepreneurship,” he explained during a recent statement written for Medium. “Together, we’re working on a podcast that explores why people think the way they think and how we can help people understand each other’s opinions and differences. We are on a mission to discover the tribulations of man and hope that our supporters will join us through our journey to understand the essence of sociology and psychology. The guests we have lined up are mostly unorthodox and are some of the most formidable experts in their respective fields.”

At this time, neither Josh nor Jaden have shared a release date, but we seriously hope they announce something soon!

As fans know, this upcoming podcast is part of Josh’s new mission to use his platform as a way to “promote positivity, to do good, and to be a role model.” In the same statement, the 18-year-old apologized for his semi-controversial past and revealed his plans for the future.

“I would like to apologize to everyone: my supporters, my Sway House family, my team, and my community. I let the fame get to me; I allowed the LA partying lifestyle to consume me; and I lost my way for a bit. I forgot why I was here,” the internet star said.

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