Putting them on the map! The music world’s XG hopes to “inspire a lot of people and give strength with our music” on a “global” level, members Jurin, Chisa, Hinata, Juria, Cocona, Maya and Harvey exclusively tell J-14. 

When it comes to their most recent music releases, “SHOOTING STAR” and “LEFT RIGHT,” the group says there’s “a common message” between the two songs.

“‘SHOOTING STAR’ is about our wish to make it big on the global stage,” they explain. “‘LEFT RIGHT’ has a message of, let’s go forward without being influenced by anyone else.”

XG adds, “We released these two songs at the same time and we think the songs really highlight this message in a straightforward way.”

Since their debut, fans have been raving about XG in the K-pop space with listeners gushing over their talents, something they feel “honored” to experience. But what sets them apart from other musical groups?

XG Exclusive
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“Rather than comparing ourselves to others we have always believed in ourselves and that is the message of ‘SHOOTING STAR’ and ‘LEFT RIGHT’ — trust ourselves,” the XG members explain. “Through practicing and experiencing various things together with everyone over the past five years, we have developed a bond and this sense of trust which I think shows in our performance and everyone can see that. I think this is something we will continue to value and is one of our strengths.”

As they continue to take over the music industry, XG has tons of goals for their music. Something they “definitely” want to make happen in the future is a world tour!

“We have many goals, but it’s like running a marathon!” they explain. “So, one of our major goals is to win awards and become artists who everyone can truly call ‘Xtraordinary girls.'”

Going forward what can fans expect to see? Other than their musical takeover, the girls plan to continue being “a group that focuses on vocals” among other things.

“We have sung a lot of songs together since we were trainees, right?” they add. “We all love to sing, so I’d like to do some vocal content with everyone again someday regardless of whether we are vocal members or rap members.”

Overall, these talented ladies can’t wait to show fans everything they’ve got!

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