Ever since they were formed in 2012, K-pop boy band BTS — composed of Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin, J-Hope and RM — have taken the world by storm! Their enormous success has made fans curious if they have any family to share it with! Keep reading to uncover the group’s siblings, parents and more!

Throughout their time in the spotlight, the group has accomplished so much. From being the first K-pop group to perform at the Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, Video Music Awards and the Grammy Awards to breaking a ton of records and  becoming the biggest boy band in the world, there’s seriously nothing these boys can’t do!

“We are outliers,” RM told Rolling Stone in May 2021. “And we came into the American music market and enjoyed this incredible success.”

During the same interview, Jimin got real about how the boys have changed since their debut in 2012.

“We were very different people that came together,” he explained. “We argued a lot in the beginning, of course, but I think now, because we have spent so much time together, I began to like even the things about the other members I used to hate. The time we spent together really made us close, like a family. No matter where I go, there is someplace that I can come back to. I’ve come to feel that way about our group.”

As much as the members love each other, they love their fans even more.

“When we couldn’t go on tour, everybody felt a sense of loss, a sense of powerlessness. And we’re all sad. And it actually took us a while to get over those feelings,” Jin said, referring to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Jungkook added, “The roar of the crowds and ARMY is something we loved. We miss that more and more. And we long for that more and more.”

When it comes to their siblings, J-Hope’s older sister, named Jung Jiwoo, is one of the first family members that a BTS member had revealed publicly. In a radio show from 2015, J-Hope revealed that his sister’s favorite BTS member was Jung Kook.

J-Hope’s only sibling, Jung Jiwoo has an Instagram account called @Mejiwoo, and is a pretty successful fashion blogger in her own right! In 2022, she signed as a “YouTuber” with Cube Entertainment, the agency behind K-pop idol groups (G)I-dle, BTOB and Pentagon. On top of that, she runs an e-commerce site, fashion company and eyewear brand.

Scroll through the gallery below for a guide to BTS’ family members, siblings, parents.

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