Well guys, after losing our minds over the fact that Kelsy Karter got a tattoo of Harry Styles on her face, we just found out that the dramatic new ink is actually fake! That’s right guys, we can all take a deep breath. The New Zealand pop star just uploaded a YouTube video revealing the truth behind the tat, and it turns out, it was all a ploy to get attention for her new single!

In a video uploaded on Thursday, January 31, the singer explained why she decided to pull the elaborate prank. “In April of 2018, I was going through the hardest time of my life,” she wrote in the video. “My dog Diva died. My relationship ended. And the last thing I wanted to do was write another sad song about it.”

The 25-year-old explained that her manager encouraged her to write a song about Harry instead. J-14 readers know that the singer has never been shy about her love for the One Direction member — talking about him in interviews and tweeting about him non-stop — so it wasn’t hard for her to take her love for the 25-year-old and put it into a song. And when Kelsy realized that Harry’s birthday was approaching at the beginning of the year, she decided it was time to release the tune.

“But how were we going to cut through the noise and get noticed?” she questioned in the video. “What would the rock legends that inspired me have done in 2019?”

That’s when Kelsy came up with the idea of geting a fake tattoo. “Let’s tattoo Harry Styles’ face… on my face,” she continued. “To pull this off, we needed a celebrity tattoo artist to make it look real.”

When the news of the ink first broke, the singer claimed that she had gotten it tattooed by celebrity tattoo artist, Romeo Lacoste, who’s worked with Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber in the past. The artist even shared snaps of what appeared to be him adding the ink to her face, needle and all, so yeah, it was definitely believable! Girl, you seriously got us.

“He traced Harry’s 2017 Rolling Stone cover, applied it to my face, and then a special FX makeup artist did her thing,” the pop star explained. “By the way, we know it looked ridiculous. That was the point.”

OK, we low-key feel played. “We snapped that photo,” the 25-year-old continued, referring to the infamous pic of the tat that shook the internet last week. “[We] prepared for our lives to change forever.”

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“I woke up the next morning, our plan was working,” she added, as she showed tons of different news outlet talking about the tattoo. “That photo was EVERYWHERE! But none of you knew what was coming next. At 9 a.m. on Monday, Billboard announced the release of my video and single, ‘Harry.'”

The song, which is all about the “Kiwi” crooner, goes like this: “Harry, I’m gonna make you love me / Staring at you in magazines everyday / Feeling like I’m 17, never been touched this way / I’m thinking ’bout you / I’ll treat you better than the girls you’re hanging out with / Take you to heaven and I’ll show you all around it / I’ll never let you down.”

It seems like Kelsy’s plan definitely worked. “Every major publication and news outlet in the world covered the story. And more importantly — the song. I had your attention,” Kelsy concluded. “This has always been about Rock & Roll.”

Well, as mad as we are that she tricked us, we’re not going to lie, it was definitely a smart move! We definitely won’t fall for this one ever again.

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