Ever since they went public with their whirlwind romance, Jonas Brothers fans can’t get enough of Kevin and Danielle Jonas‘ storybook romance. Although they first got together in 2007, before the age of Instagram, the couple still packed on the PDA at every awards show they attended over the years.

“You know how you’re supposed to meet somebody and call like two or three days later?” Kevin recalled in a Glamour magazine interview from August 2012. “Well, I cyberstalked her after we met and cyberstalked to see what flight she was going to be on coming home, and then I called her the minute she landed. That might have been a little overboard, but I just went for it.”

After their 2009 wedding, the singer and his wife gave fans an inside look into their life as newlyweds with the reality series Married to Jonas, which only lasted for two seasons and ended just months before the Jonas Brothers officially announced their split in October 2013. While he was on hiatus from making music, Kevin became a father. He and Danielle welcomed their first daughter, Alena Rose, in February 2014. The couple’s second daughter, Valentina Angelina, was born in October 2016. Since the Jonas Brothers got back together in February 2019 — six years after their initial breakup — Danielle has been spotted cheering Kevin on during the JoBros’ many concerts and she even appeared in ton of her husband’s music videos.

“Seeing it through [the kids] eyes is totally different than the way that I saw it. When [the Jonas Brothers] first started, it was kind of like shock. At first, I didn’t get it almost. Because he was just Kevin to me,” Danielle recalled during an interview with POPSUGAR in March 2021. “That’s how I met him. When everything started, I was blown away and proud. Seeing it through their eyes is just totally different. They’re seeing their father up there.”

She added, “We get to just see the girls growing up together, and we’re getting to do it together. Even though we do it on the road, it’s just different. It’s different being on the road together, and experiencing the world. But then it’s another feeling to just be home with each other. It’s been great.”

To celebrate their romantic love story, J-14 decided to take a walk down memory lane and relive the cutest moments from Kevin and Danielle’s relationship. Scroll through our gallery for a complete breakdown.

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