Dad and mom goals! Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle Jonas, have been model parents since daughters Valentina and Alena were born.

The singer first started dating his longtime love in 2007, and they officially tied the knot two years later in 2009. Kevin and Danielle showcased their years as newlyweds on the reality series Married to Jonas — which lasted for two seasons on E! — but didn’t have kids until after the show came to an end. Alena Rose was born in February 2014 while Valentina Angelina was born in October 2016.

Before they were born, Kevin’s band with brothers Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas — the Jonas Brothers — went their separate ways, and Danielle never knew if their daughters would ever watch him perform. That all changed when the band announced their reconciliation in 2019.

“I just always wondered if the girls were going to actually see [Kevin] onstage and see the smile,” the jewelry designer told POPSUGAR in March 2021. “There’s just something different about him, there’s some kind of smile, an energy that comes over him that is amazing. I was hoping that they were going to see him up there. Then they have their uncles up there to be so proud of. It’s surreal.”

Danielle added, “Seeing it through their eyes is totally different than the way that I saw it. … When everything started, I was blown away and proud. Seeing it through their eyes is just totally different. They’re seeing their father up there.”

Even though Alena and Valentina love seeing their dad perform, it’s not easy for Kevin to leave his family for tour.

“It’s hard,” he said while appearing on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast in October 2019. “I fly home as much as I can. Say we have a day off, [I] get up at 5 and fly home, turn it around the next morning, and I’ll be home for 18 hours. There isn’t much of a balance … but at least you’re there.”

Even though they spend some time apart, the family always tries to reunite, even on the road. “They’re very supportive and they come out as much as they can,” Kevin shared.

During her POPSUGAR interview, Danielle opened up about parenting amid tour.

“Even though we do it on the road, it’s just different,” she explained. “It’s different being on the road together, and experiencing the world. But then it’s another feeling to just be home with each other. It’s been great.”

During the coronavirus lockdown in 2020, Kevin told Insider“It’s really nice that we get to really spend time as a family,” in May of that year.

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