The stakes are definitely higher in Disney Channel’s Gabby Duran and the Unsittables season 2, according to Kylie Cantrall!

“I think season 2 steps up so much from season 1. There’s so much more action and adventure and cool fight scenes,” the actress, 15, teases while chatting with J-14 exclusively. “One of my favorite things that happens in season 2 is [my character] Gabby actually fights a robot of herself. So, there’s a lot of interesting things that come with fighting yourself as a robot, and it’s cool to see how she navigates that. I think it’s going to be fun for the audience to see Gabby kick some butt.”

In the fan-favorite series, Kylie stars as a teen hired to babysit a family of aliens posing as human children. Following the success of season 1, J-14 exclusively announced that Gabby Duran and the Unsittables season 2 would premiere in early June. While a few episodes have already been released, there’s still lots to come, according to the star.

Disney Channel's Kylie Cantrall Will 'Kick Some Butt' in 'Gabby Duran and the Unsittables' Season 2
Disney/Jack Rowand

When discussing which of the alien kids is her favorite, Kylie explains why she loves Kali, played by Mia Bella. “She’s the warrior alien,” the “I Do My Thing” singer shares. “She’s just so dope. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to be a blue warrior alien? She definitely gives me like avatar vibes, but you see a lot more of Kali in season 2.”

When the cameras stop rolling, Kylie says she’s closest with costar Coco Christo, who plays her sister in the show. Both actresses are “obsessed with TikTok,” which leads to a bunch of hilarious on-set videos.

“It’s kind of hard though, because, literally, right when we set up the phone and then we have a TikTok ready, and we’re about to do it, then they’re like, ‘OK, we need you guys on set.’ We always get interrupted,” Kylie recalls, adding that they usually “sneak off” to the room furthest from their “main set.”

That’s not all that goes on behind-the-scenes! Kylie also tells J-14 that her real-life dad is often doing something “embarrassing” while accompanying her to set.

“I was doing like this party scene in season 2 and there were a bunch of background kids and they were all so cool,” she says, recalling one boy with whom she really “hit it off” with. While they were talking, Kylie remembers her dad “filming me, like, talking to this kid!”

“Do not have your parents like be on set at all times because they will do something embarrassing,” she jokes.

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