Ever since One Direction went on a hiatus three years ago, we’ve all been patiently waiting for a reunion. And now, prepare yourselves guys, because it finally may be happening! Liam Payne attended Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball in London on Dec. 8, where he revealed that he’s trying to get the 1D fam back together during the holidays! SCREAMING.

When asked if he was going to see Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles over the holiday, he revealed that he definitely wants to. “I’d hope to,” he told Capital FM.

Different members of the band have hung out together recently, but we haven’t seen the full squad together as a group in a long time. As J-14 readers know, Liam and Louis reunited back in October when they appeared in multiple episodes of The X Factor together. And that wasn’t all since we all could barely handle when Niall was spotted in the audience during the finale of the show supporting Louis, who was a judge on the latest season of the show. But what about Liam and Niall? We’re all wondering, have they had a recent bro-date? Has Harry seen any of the boys? Well, Payno gave us all the updates.

“I spoke to Niall the other day,” Liam explained. “We were both super jet lagged. He texted me at like 2 in the morning, and I was just wide awake from like midnight to right through the next day. We spent like four hours on FaceTime. I hadn’t spoken to him in ages. It was actually really, really funny. We had a really good laugh.”

That is seriously so sweet! But unfortunately, the “Bedroom Floor” singer added that they haven’t had a chance to hang out  IRL— because Niall’s ditched him twice!

“I mean, the thing about it is I can understand that we’re all quite tired, like I was saying to him the other night, ‘Oh I’ll come over,’ or whatever and then he flaked me twice,” he told the radio host. Ouch! “So I was like, ‘Look, listen, I’ll just text you next week and we’ll see what happens. Just let me know when you’re available.’ Everyone’s so busy, it is what it is.”

As for Harry, Liam admitted that he hasn’t seen the “Kiwi” singer for quite some time. “I haven’t seen Harry in a while now, but I think everybody’s in London at the moment, which is cool, for the first time — the closest we’ve been for a while.”

This may mean that we are only weeks away from a One Direction reunion. We BETTER get pics.

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