Can you imagine Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Shawn Mendes making a song together? Wow, it’s hard to even grasp how beautiful their voices would sound simultaneously. Well guys, that dream may actually become a reality soon because the “Strip That Down” singer just revealed that he wants to join Niall and Shawn’s upcoming collaboration. SCREAMING.

OK, hold the phone… You may be asking, what Niall/Shawn collaboration? Well, in case you missed it, the two singers finally confirmed on Monday, January 22, 2019, that they’re making a song together, and we’ve been freaking out ever since.

It all started when a fan asked the 25-year-old if he and Shawn are ever going to make a song together during a recent Twitter Q&A. “We’re going to try,” Niall replied.

Niall Horan Shawn Mendes Collab

But it was Shawn’s response that really got us. “We ARE going to!” he added. OMG.

Now, Liam just joined in on the convo, when he let the world know that he totally wants in on the collab. But get this — the 25-year-old actually has no intentions of singing in the song, he’s got something else in mind. “Can I play the triangle?” he tweeted.

LOL. Liam, we’re all for you exploring your musical talents, but we’d honestly prefer if you sang on this one.

Ever since One Direction went on a hiatus back in 2015, we’ve all been dying to see the boys back on stage together, so the thought of Liam and the “Slow Hands” singer on the same song is extra exciting. Plus, when you add the 20-year-old “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” singer into the mix, it’s seriously the ultimate collaboration. All three guys are some of our favorite artists in Hollywood — with amazing voices and serious bops — so we’re sure that whatever they create together would be epic. Can’t wait!

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