When Lizzo found out that people on TikTok were using her name as an insult, the songstress clapped back with the best reply! That’s right, the “Juice” singer took to TikTok and posted a video of her own after noticing that people would comment her name underneath clips of some “big” women on the app.

“To the people who be putting my name in the comments, thank you. Because you know what? If every time you see a big girl on this app loving herself, and putting herself out there, and being confident and loving her body, you think of me, or you think she looks like me — b***h that is a compliment,” she said in the now-viral video. “That means I’m out here doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Letting you b***hes know that next time you try to make fun of a woman for her body, or her size, that b***h, we’re out here and we don’t give a f**k. And we’re confident and we’re bad b***hes and we’re cover stars.”

She concluded, “So thanks. And to all the big girls, I see you. Keeping putting my name in the comments.”

As fans know, this isn’t the first time Lizzo has spoken out on TikTok. Back in March, she called out the app for seemingly deleting videos that showed her in a swimsuit.

“TikTok keeps taking down my videos with me in my bathing suits, but allows other videos with girls in bathing suits,” she wrote over a video of her lip syncing the words “I know” over and over again. “I wonder why? TikTok… We need to talk.”

The 31-year-old seemed to be implying that the social media app was deleting the videos because of her curves. As fans know, the singer is definitely not afraid to show off her body, and has been a strong advocate of self confidence and body positivity throughout her time in the spotlight.

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