It’s happening, people! After years of anticipation, Louis Tomlinson has finally shared the details of his debut solo album. Yep, not only did the One Direction singer share the name and artwork for the highly anticipated LP, but he also announced the release date, and it’s coming out so soon! Deep breaths everyone.

Drum roll please….Louis’ first album will be called Walls, and it will hit stands on January 31, 2019. That means fans are just months away from a bunch of new bops from the “Back To You” crooner, and everyone is seriously freaking out!

Louis Tomlinson Walls Album Artwork
Louis Tomlinson

The album cover showed the 27-year-old staring seriously into the camera against a dark gray background. It will have 12 tracks in total, and you can preorder it here.

As fans know, Louis has been working hard on his solo album ever since 1D went on a hiatus back in 2015. In April, the singer opened up about why he was taking his time on it.

“Someone recently said something very interesting about how so many people focus on the ‘end game’ without enjoying the doing,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’ve been thinking a lot more about what success means to me. I feel like I’ve been mistranslating it for the last three years. Everything I’ve ever known, in my career, is straight down the middle pop. My expectations and aspirations are all shaped around my experiences, as much as I try and stay realistic I couldn’t help but crave a ‘hit’ single. It’s because of this that I’ve spent so long on this album, trying to fit into top 40 radio when in fact I should start with what I love and work from there instead of trying to write to a more specific formula.”

“Over the last few weeks I’ve put a lot of things [into] perspective and in fact what I should be doing is forgetting about perception and to a certain degree worry less about being defined on commercial success,” he continued. “I’m not here to compete with the likes of Drake and Ariana Grande. I’m here to make music I love and make my fans proud to say they’re a fan. Turning a page today.”

As fans know, Louis released his first solo single, “Just Hold On” with Steve Aoki in December 2016. Since then, he’s dropped a bunch of tunes over the years, including “Back To You,” which featured Bebe Rexha, “Miss You,” “Just Like You,” “Kill My Mind” and “Two of Us” — the heartbreaking song that was written about his mom’s death. His newest single, “We Made It,” is coming out on Thursday, October 24.

Ugh, can it be January 31 already?!

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