Fans were heartbroken for Louis Tomlinson when news hit the web that his younger sister Felicité had passed away in March 2019. Especially since her tragic death came just two years after the One Direction member lost his mom, Johannah Deakin, to cancer. Now, the 28-year-old has opened up about how he’s coping with their devastating deaths.

“Both felt very individual, and hit me with a big impact. I think dealing with the family, how I can be there for them, that was easier the second time because the first time I was grieving and didn’t know what to say,” he told The Telegraph. “As time went on I grew to understand what to say to my sisters.”

The Instagram star was only 18 years old when she was found dead in her apartment, and it was reported that she had passed away from an accidental overdose.

Louis Tomlinson Sister Felicite

The “Back To You” crooner explained that before his mom’s sad passing, they were super close.

“One thing I’ve learnt since losing her is that any decision, even if I knew the answer, I’d call her,” he continued. “I didn’t realize how reliant I’d become on her. That was the hardest thing for me, understanding that living life after meant making decisions on my own. I thought I’d always have a sounding board. There was a different level of credibility with my mum, because I idolized her.”

Louis Mom

As fans know, the singer released a song about his mom called “Two Of Us” in March 2019, and he explained that seeing the impact the track had on his fans helped him get through the tragedy.

“What’s amazing about this job is that regardless of the situation, you get something positive at the end of it,” he added. “That’s obviously an emotionally heavy song for me, but fans have come up to me in floods of tears and talked about how it’s helped in their own tragedy. It’s incredible. From the dark, you can give hope.”

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