While Madison Bailey definitely loves to rock a bikini all summer long, fans know her best in a swimsuit when the actress is Kiara Carrera in Netflix’s Outer BanksWhen it comes to her workout and style routine, Madison keeps it pretty simple, which makes her super-similar to her character, lovingly nicknamed Kie.

The Netflix star revealed that her beauty secrets play “a very important role” in her life, during an interview with NYLON from October 2022.

“That’s my whole job, and it’s important to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I always feel better on the inside when I’m looking better on the outside,” Madison shared at the time. “I have a pretty open beauty relationship, and my beauty routine changes very frequently. I don’t just stick to what I know. Sometimes, I like a lot of makeup, sometimes I’ll get really into skincare, and then sometimes, I’ll loosen up on my routine. It’s really all over the place.”

She added, “I don’t really wear makeup on Outer Banks too much. I wear a little concealer where I need it, and clear brow gel, and that’s seriously it. I don’t wear anything on my eyes and I wear chapstick on my lips, so my skin gets a solid five months to breathe completely. Typically, on the weekends, I’m regaining my energy and resting, so I’m not doing my makeup too much. This is the half of the year where I wear the least amount of makeup.”

However, she’s more into having a self-care routine, which includes “bubble baths” and “writing down my feelings,” among other things.

When it comes to working out, it’s less of a routine and more of an “intention” for the star.

“I have intentions for the year of improving my health physically and mentally. But actual resolutions — I wrote down that I need to return the things that don’t fit,” Madison explained to Interview Magazine in February 2023. “I’m an online shopper and I’m horrible at making returns. So I’m like, if I’m going to keep shopping, I have to start returning things because they’re piling up — things with tags on them that I could never fit in.”

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