From the sound of it, Madison Beer might not be completely done with TikTok after all. That’s right, days after the songstress slammed the video sharing app for all the “hate and negativity” in the comment section of her videos, she has opened up about the situation once again.

“I made a statement saying that I was going to be done with TikTok, and that I’m going off TikTok, and that’s not necessarily true,” she clarified in a recent Instagram Live clip that was screenrecorded and reposted by fans. “I basically just said that I think I need to take a break from posting, maybe. I don’t really know what my point was from my post.”

For those who missed it, the 21-year-old recently went viral after seemingly announcing to fans that she had decided she was going to leave the app all together.

“This might be my last TikTok for a bit, my loves. The energy on this app is draining me,” she wrote in the comment section of the app. “So much hate and negativity, it’s all i see these days. I’m not even just speaking about myself. Every video of anyone I see, the comments are all mean. All the time. It breaks my heart.”

She continued in another series of comments, “I’m tired of seeing a girl dance on my [‘For You’ page], only to go to the comments and see people making fun of her body or something. It hurts me. So much. I just want this app to change and I want people to realize how much their words can impact others. I know it won’t. But I can hope. It’s just not okay, guys. I loved TikTok and wanna stay in here but… This horrible behavior should’ve never been normalized.”

Well, don’t worry guys, because now we know that Madison isn’t officially done with the platform! Here’s to hoping for more of her videos coming soon.

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