On Monday, June 15, Madison Beer took to Twitter and issued an apology to fans after posting a series of since-deleted tweets about a “controversial” book that portrays an “inappropriate” relationship.

“I love [you] guys [and] I’m sorry. I misspoke and would never condone inappropriate relationships of any kind. I’m sincerely sorry for it seeming like I do. Let me make it clear — I do not. Have a good night,” the songstress wrote.

For those who missed it, her apology came after #MadisonBeerIsOverParty started trending on the social media site when she revealed, during an Instagram Live, that she “romanticized” a “taboo relationship” in the novel Lolita.

“I’ve always known it’s a controversial book…but I’ve always said it’s my favorite. Because I like the story… I like dark stories…always have,” she explained in one of the since-deleted tweets that was screenshotted and reposted by fans.

Following her apology, the 21-year-old also added, “I need to [be] mindful of other people’s experiences and I apologize sincerely. I’d never want to hurt anyone.”

As fans know, this isn’t the first time Madison has been called out online recently. On June 2, she slammed rumors that she hired a photographer to take pics of her at a Black Lives Matter protest after some professional shots of her protesting the tragic death of George Floyd went viral.

“The photo shoot rumors are wildly untrue. I have been protesting for days,” she wrote on Twitter. “This is not and never was a photo op. It is me standing with a movement and getting out there to spread a message I believe in. That is all.”

madison beer slams photo shoot rumors

The photographer who captured the viral pics of Madison at the protest also took to his social media to clear up the rumors once and for all.

“There’s rumors spreading around that I was hired by Madison to take pictures of her at the BLM march yesterday. These rumors are 100 percent untrue. I was taking pictures at the event and ran into Madison while also marching at the event. Since she’s a celebrity I decided to take take pictures of her,” he explained on Instagram.

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